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  • Where can I access the VPN from?

Use this form to reset your VPN staff account password.

You do not need to know your current VPN password, but you must know the password for the account you have registered for VPN.

For security reasons your VPN account password must be different the password for the account you are registering, and must be at least 9 characters long and contain a mixture of upper and lowercase letters and numbers (for example "BrownF0X001").

The form will be submitted through a secure connection.

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Username and password

To use this system, there are a number of usernames and passwords you might be using. Your existing account must be dial-in enabled before it can be registered for VPN access. Check with your local IT support staff.

Your central admin account, you use your username@admin and Pheme password. For example, jsmith@admin (if your admin account was jsmith@admin.uwa.edu.au). If username@admin doesn't work, try username@acs

The following departmental usernames and passwords can also be used.

  • username@biz (or its derivatives @ecom, @law, @gsm)
  • username@ee
  • username@ichr
  • username@cfs
  • username@library
  • username@maths
  • username@watri

If you do not know your password for your departmental account, contact your local IT support staff.