Step 1

Open the Settings Screen.

Tap on the settings icon

The Settings icon may not be on the initial home screen of the device, so you may need to swipe through one or more screens to find it.

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Step 2

At the top of the screen select Wi-Fi.

Tap on 'Wi-Fi'

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Step 3

If the Wi-Fi switch isn't already on, switch it to the green position.

Select 'Unifi'

A list of wireless networks in range of the device will appear. Select Unifi.

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Step 4

Enter your credentials:

Username: Your UWA Person ID (eg. 12345678)
Password: Your Pheme password

Enter your credentials

Tap Join.

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Step 5

On the following Certificate screen tap Trust.

Tap on 'Trust'

If you're given a failure to connect error the connection may have timed out, or you may not have enough wireless signal. Try moving around and ensure you tap the Trust button as soon as it loads.

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You are done!

If you have connected successfully you will be returned to the Wi-Fi screen and there will be a tick next to Unifi.

You are done

When you are connected to a wireless network you will be able to see the wifi icon in the top left corner of the screen next to the mobile signal icon.

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