Step one

From the system tray in the lower right corner of your screen, click the wireless network icon pictured.

Click the network icon

Step two

From the list of available networks, select Unifi and then press the Connect button.

Click 'Connect'

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Step three

The connection process will begin and you will be prompted to enter your credentials in the Network and Internet window.

Enter your credentials

  • The username is your UWA Person ID (e.g 1234567)
  • The password is your Pheme password
Once your have entered your credentials, press OK.

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Step Four

The following prompt will appear:

Click 'Connect' at the security prompt

This is normal. Simply press Connect to proceed.

You are done!

After a few seconds you should be notified that the connection was established successfully. 

You are now connected

You now have internet access!

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