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This guide will help you reconnect to Unifi after changing your Pheme password.

Steps in this guide

  1. Check which version of Mac OSX your computer uses
  2. Remove Unifi from the network list
  3. Reconnect to Unifi

Check which version of OS X your computer uses

Click the Apple symbol in the top left hand corner and select ‘About This Mac’.

The Apple menu with 'About this mac' highlighted

This guide is for Macs which say 'OS X El Capitan' and ‘Version 10.11.##’

A system dialog showing details of the operating system

Step one

Open the Wi-Fi menu. This is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Select 'Open Network Preferences…'

A list of settings with 'WiFi' highlighted

Select the 'Turn AirPort/Wifi Off' button then select the 'Advanced…' button.

Network system settings with 'Turn WiFi Off' and 'Advanced' buttons highlighted 

The ‘Wi-Fi’ tab will be selected. Select ‘Unifi’ from the ‘Preferred Networks’ list and then click the negative symbol button to delete the ‘Unifi’ entry.

A list of networks with 'Unifi' highlighted

Click 'OK'. Back on the Network Preferences page click 'Apply'.

Step three

Select the 'Turn Wi-Fi On' button. Click on the drop down box next to 'Network Name' and select 'Unifi'.

Network system settings with 'Turn WiFi On', 'Network Name' and 'Unifi' buttons highlighted

You will be prompted to put in your username and password then select 'Join'.
NOTE: your username is your 8-digit student or staff number, and your password is your Pheme password.

 WiFi dialog box with 'Username' and 'Password' highlighted

You are done!

Network system settings with a green light indicating Unifi is connected

After a few seconds you should be notified that the connection was established successfully. You now have Internet access.