Your Windows Vista operating system must have the Service Pack 1 update installed, otherwise it will not be able to connect to the Unifi wireless network.

Additionally, in order to use Unifi at UWA on a Windows Vista notebook computer, it must have either 802.11b or 802.11g wireless capabilities.


Step 1

Once Windows is loaded, make sure your wireless adapter is switched on and then select "Connect To" from the Start Menu.

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Step 2

A list of available wireless networks will appear.

Select 'Unifi' and click on 'Connect' (you may have to scroll down a bit to find 'Unifi' if there are a lot of wireless networks in range.)

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Step 3

Next a screen will come up asking for 'Additional log on information is required to connect to this network.'

Of the two options presented, select 'Enter/select additional log on information'

A screen will appear where you enter your username and password.

  • Your "Username" is your UWA Person ID (that is, student, staff or visitor number).
  • Your "Password" is your Pheme password.

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Step 4

After entering your credentials, click "OK". You will once again be prompted to enter additional log on information.

Again, select 'Enter/select additional log on information'

You will get a window asking to 'Validate Server Certificate'. Click "OK".

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Step 5

After a few moments, the Unifi connection will complete with the message: "Successfully connected to Unifi".

Leave the presented options ticked as it will mean the Unifi profile is saved and will automatically reconnect next time your laptop is in range of the Unifi wireless network

You're done!

Click 'Close' to continue.

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