Step One

Click on the Network Manager icon in the System Tray:

UnifiGuest Win 7 step 1 system tray

Select and connect to “UnifiGuest”.

UnifiGuest Win 7 select wireless network

Note: Ensure “Connect automatically” is ticked.

Step Two

Once connected, you may see the following message appear:

UnifiGuest Win 7 awaiting additional information balloon 

Clicking on this will cause your default web browser to open.

Note: If this message doesn’t appear, that is OK – simply open your preferred web browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.) to continue.

Step Three

Once your web browser has loaded, you will be presented with the following login page:

UnifiGuest Authentication prompt

Please review the Computer and Software Use Regulations and when you are ready, tick the “I agree” box and enter the username and password your UnifiGuest Sponsor has provided you with.

Note: Your username is the e-mail address which your UnifiGuest password was sent to.

You are connected!

UnifiGuest Successfully Connection prompt

You will see the above authentication message appear briefly and then you will be redirected to whatever website your web browser attempts to reach by default.