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How to use AV equipment


Bookings and enquiries can be made by emailing the Audio Visual Unit or contacting the helpdesk on extension 2026

To ensure that the correct equipment is available when required it is imperative that the booking procedures are followed carefully.

  1. Equipment hire
  2. Costs

Equipment hire

  1. Equipment bookings should be made at least 48 hours before the equipment is required. If a later booking is made it may not be possible to guarantee delivery. Any additional costs incurred in meeting a late booking may be passed on to the customer, even if the booking does not usually attract a charge.
  2. The normal schedule of charges will apply to bookings in the following manner.
    • Undergraduate teaching using standard AV in common teaching facilities – no charge.
    • All functions in non-common teaching facilities – normal rate
    • UWA Guild and affiliated clubs – normal rate with discounts on selected equipment + GST
    • External organisations and UWA staff hiring equipment for personal use – normal rate + GST
  3. All equipment except video conferencing is hired on a per-day basis and includes delivery, set-up and pick-up within the Crawley campus. Discounted rates may apply for consecutive bookings of three or more days. Hirers must supply Business Unit and Project Grant numbers to attract a GST exempt rate.
  4. The University's insurance policy does not cover equipment that is taken off campus, thus such equipment is hired solely at the Audio Visual Unit's discretion. A department or an individual intending to use equipment off campus will be charged the full cost of any loss or damage. It is therefore strongly recommended that adequate insurance cover is obtained before the equipment is collected. The Audio Visual Unit can provide advice about the value of the equipment.
  5. The University's insurance policy also requires the hirer must take adequate security precautions if audio visual equipment is used within the grounds of UWA campus. Damaged or stolen equipment will attract a repair or replacement charge if deemed by UWA insurance that due care by the hirer was not taken.
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Technician charges

Equipment set-up fee
Technician/repair service (8.30am – 5pm weekdays)
Technician (after hours, subject to availability)
Technician (callout/weekend min. 3 hours charge, subject to availability)

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Audio visual equipment hire charges per day (ex GST). Multiple day hire – 3days@2.5cost, 4@3 cost, 5@3.5 cost

Audio recorder (digital)
Camera (digital, video)
Data projector (including tripod screen if required.)
Flip chart (BYO paper)
Flip chart paper pad
Lectern (w/ UWA crest)
Microphone – wired (+ stand)
Microphone – radio (lapel or handheld + reciever and stand)
Microphone – discussion panel wireless mic system (2 - 8 mics)
Mixer - audio
Monitor - LCD display (large)
Overhead (transparency) projector
PA – medium (1x Speaker, CD/mp3 player, mic and stand)
PA – large (2x speaker, mic and stand)
Projection Screen – 6, 7, 8ft
Slide projector
Teleconference phone (Polycom)
Video conference
Video conference (internal department, cross-campus)
Video conference (FNAS)
Visualiser (document camera)

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Digital Media Services

Duplicate CD
$10ea (x2-x25 $7ea, 26+ $5ea)
Duplicate DVD
$15ea (x2-x25 $10ea, 26+ $7ea)
Format convert to CD
$15ea (x2-x25 $10ea, 26+ $7ea)
Format convert to DVD
$25ea (x2-x25 $20ea, 26+ $15ea)
Digitise audio content
$10ea (x2-x25 $7ea, 26+ $5ea)
Digitise video content
$15ea (x2-x25 $10ea, 26+ $7ea)
Video/audio editing

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