Further information

Sending Email messages with full headers

Follow these instructions to forward full headers in Pine.

Once it is configured correctly, pine can also display and forward full headers.

To configure: Type (the "-" and all following it are a description of the what the command does and should not be typed)

  1. pine - open pine
  2. s - enter setup menu
  3. c - configure
  4. w - start a search
  5. header - string to search for - it should highlight a line enable-full-header-cmd
  6. x - set this option (X now in brackets)
  7. e - exit config

To turn on full headers in a message, type:

  1. i - to index listing
  2. h - turn on full headers (and repeat to turn off again afterwards)

To send full header:

  1. Select the message
  2. f - to begin to forward (do not send as an attachment) you should see the full header in the text area

Continue as normal.