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Many of UWA's email lists are generated automatically.

The lists use markers against individual entries in the UWA Directory system.

Postings to the lists should be in plain text without attached documents.

  1. All-Staff
  2. Deans, Heads and other significant positions
  3. Guidelines for posting to mailing lists
  4. Subscribing to the lists


This is a list for important UWA-related announcements to every member of UWA staff. Generally such messages will be submitted on behalf of senior UWA staff and should be plain text only, as specified in the guidelines.

Posting to this list is controlled by the Government and Corporate Communications Division and all messages require the approval of the Internal Communications team. Contact Government and Corporate Communications if you wish to clarify whether a message is appropriate for this list (or might be better to send to a self-subscription list, such as Notices or UWA-Events, or to one of the lists below).

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Deans, Heads and other significant positions

Mailing lists have been created based on the reference lists set up and maintained by the Publications Unit in the UWA Directory:

  • Deans
  • Deans of Faculty
  • Heads
  • Heads of School
  • Faculty Managers
  • School Managers
  • Faculty Administrative Officers
  • Secretaries.

These mailing lists are automatically re-generated each night from information in the Directory. A staff member may be included in more than one list. For example, a Faculty Dean is included in the Deans list, the Deans of Faculty list and the Heads list.

Use these mailing lists appropriately, especially in preference to the All-Staff list to target information more specifically. Note that Secretaries is a list of secretaries and administrative contacts in all Faculties, Schools, departments, centres and sections of the University. It is intended for distribution, through the listed person, of messages relevant to most (or all) of their staff.

Postings sent from UWA email addresses will be automatically accepted. Postings from non-UWA addresses will be held and may be rejected.

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Guidelines for posting to mailing lists

Guidelines for posting to specific mailing lists

General posting guidelines for all mailing lists

For each of these mailing lists, the email address is formed by replacing spaces in the list name with a hyphen. For example, to send a message to the Heads of School list, the address that you would use is: heads-of-school@uwa.edu.au; to send a message to All-Staff, the address that you would use is: all-staff@uwa.edu.au.

Messages to the All-Staff list will be held until they can be reviewed and accepted (or rejected) by the Vice-Chancellery. But, for the other lists, messages are automatically approved and distributed, provided the email satisfies basic criteria.

In all cases, to avoid delays and to ensure that recipients can read your email, please note:

  • Emails must be sent from a UWA email address.
  • Put the mailing list address in the To: field or the Cc: field, not in the Bcc: field as the mail list system is set up to be suspicious of emails with "hidden" addresses.
  • Avoid sending to multiple addresses. If your email has 10 or more addresses, including a mailing list address in the To: field and/or the Cc: field, it will be held for approval by the system.
  • Emails should be plain text. Do not use fancy backgrounds, images or stylised text (bold, italics, colour). Recipients may not have an email application (or relevant version) that can view formatted texts, backgrounds and images. Also, such additions can make the email very large. It is best to avoid HTML text altogether (the Format drop-down menu in your email application should allow you to select 'plain text' when you are composing your email.)
  • Avoid attached documents; they can make the email very large, and when sent to a large list, become a significant load on system resources. For this reason, the lists are configured not to accept messages in excess of 40KB. Formatted documents, such as PDFs, can be efficiently distributed by putting them on the web and then emailing the web page address to the list, and/or including a summary or text-only version in the email.

If any of these rules are broken, instead of the email going out to the list directly, it will be delayed until the mailing list administrator reviews it.

When sending an email, ensure that you send it to the appropriate mailing list so that only the relevant group(s) receive it, and so staff do not regard your email as spam.

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Subscribing to the lists

Subscription to these lists is controlled by the Publications Unit based on information in the online Directory. If you believe you are listed incorrectly and want to subscribe or unsubscribe (except from the All Staff list) email Publications.

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