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The Mailman list manager has comprehensive documentation. However, it is not always obvious how you should subscribe or unsubscribe.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to modify the manager system to clarify the procedure, so be sure to read all the instructions before linking to the mailing list.


  • On the Mailing lists page select the mailing list to which you want to subscribe
  • on the listinfo page, scroll down to the section on subscribing
  • enter your email address and a password in the appropriate boxes
    (It is recommended that you do not use your normal email password as the list password is not handled securely)
  • you can nominate one of two methods for receiving messages sent to the list:
    • individual messages, which will be received as soon as they are sent
    • digest format, whereby all messages sent within a 24-hour period are accumulated and then sent as a single message at about noon each day
  • click the Subscribe button.

You can choose the digest format for the UWA-Events mailing list. Although we ask events to be submitted at least 48 hours in advance, there is a possibility the digest notice may not be received until after the event.


  • Open the listinfo page for the relevant mailing list (accessible from the Mailing lists page)
  • scroll to the bottom of the page, just above the footer is a text entry box with a button Unsubscribe or Edit Options
  • type the email address which is subscribed to the list
  • click Unsubscribe or Edit Options
  • ignore the password entry box and scroll down to the section headed Unsubscribe
  • read the instructions, click the confirmation box, then click the button Unsubscribe  
  • if you do not tick the confirmation box, you will receive email requiring you to confirm your unsubscription – follow the instructions in that email to complete the unsubscription.