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Once you've been migrated to the new Office 365 email service, you have the option of using Microsoft's Outlook App (available for iOS and Android), as opposed to the in-built email app present on mobile devices.

The steps below will assist you in configuring the app for use with your UWA email address.

Step 1

Navigate to your device's App Store/Play Store, and install the Outlook app:

Step 1 


Step 2

Open the Outlook App and tap Get Started:

Step 2 


Step 3

Type in your email address, and tap Continue:

Step 3 


Step 4

Once the password prompt comes up, change the username field to staffnumber@uwa.edu.au, enter your Pheme password, and tap on Sign in:

Step 4     Step 5


Step 5

Your account is now configured - tap Skip in the bottom left to return to your email:

Step 6 

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