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Training in the use of information technology for UWA staff is provided by the University's Organisational and Staff Development Services (OSDS) team.

Hints, Tips and Online Training for using Microsoft Office are available within the Help area of each Microsoft application or at Microsoft Online

For training and support on using UWA's website content management system, MySource, visit the Website Office website.

IT support at UWA is provided either centrally by Information Services or in faculties and other business areas by local IT support staff.

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Information Services provides full IT support ? including desktop, peripheral and network support ? to most of UWA's central admin sections and some defined areas in the faculties. Other areas are supported by local IT Support Staff.

You can confirm your PC is managed by IS by looking for a label bearing the letters ACSxxx, ADMxxx or ITSxxxxx on your computer (x denotes the number) It will be in a highly visible position, usually on the front or top of the computer box.

If you have any problems with the performance of any of this equipment, contact Information Services through the self-service Service Desk.

If your PC is not managed by Information Services contact local IT Support Staff.

Desktop environment

Information Services provides all staff within supported business areas with a standard Windows desktop environment, including standardised computer and printer hardware and a common suite of software. 

All IT equipment, including PCs, laptops, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant), printers, scanners, servers, routers and switches, for supported areas must be purchased through Information Services. To order equipment that will be supported by Information Services and/or connected to the admin network, contact us through the self-service Service Desk.

We also have an Audiovisual Unit which provides, maintains and upgrades audio visual facilities in the teaching spaces at UWA.

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The Library looks after all systems with web addresses containing "library.uwa.edu.au", which includes the Library website and the Catalogue. The Library also manages access to a number of databases and online journal collections on the internet.

Contact your subject library if you are experiencing problems in accessing and using Library systems.

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It is your responsibility to ensure your password is secure. Choose a secure password and keep it in a safe place.

If you've forgotten your password or simply want to change it:

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If you are on campus, you can connect your laptop while at UWA.

You can also connect to UWA resources from home.

You may also need to connect to:

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