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Provides staff with on-campus support for managed desktop and laptop computers, and their access to UWA services

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Teaching and Learning Research Community


Also Known As: On-site Support, Remote Desktop Support

Desktop Field Support provides staff with support for desktops, laptops and their standard applications managed by Business Information & Technology Services (BI&TS). Using a combination of remote tools and on-site visits, our support staff may troubleshoot issues, apply configuration changes or provide the access required to perform their day to day activities.

Features and Benefits


Provides timely resolution of issues affecting your day to day computing activities, provided either remotely, or in person as necessary.

Key Features

  • Availability - Business Information & Technology Services (BI&TS) will prioritise our attendance in accordance with our standard Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Remote Support - Support and assistance can be provided to you remotely via your computer to allow faster resolution of your issues
  • On-site Attendance - An analyst will attend to perform desktop support for issues that we are unable to otherwise resolve
  • Hardware Support - Comprehensive support conducted and arranged for all desktop and laptop computers covered under vendor or manufacturer warranty
  • Desktop Rollouts - The delivery and configuration of desktop or laptop computers
  • Printer Support - Support of managed printers
  • Non-Standard Applications and Support - Support for non-standard applications is available under a negotiated Service Level Agreement, or at current professional services rates
  • Information and Advice - BI&TS can provide information on the supportability of your equipment and various applications without the need for physical attendance
  • Spare Computers - In the event that your computer cannot be repaired on site, BI&TS maintain a small fleet of spares. A spare desktop or laptop may be provided for you to use while repairs are undertaken
  • Unsupported Devices - If your desktop or laptop is not managed by BI&TS, support may be provided by local IT support groups
  • Disposal - Removal of IT equipment that has been replaced or is no longer required by the business area can be arranged

Availability and Support

Available to:

All Staff presently working on a Business Information & Technology Services (BI&TS)-managed desktop or laptop

Support Unit:

BI&TS Service Desk

How do I get it:

A ticket must be logged via the BI&TS Service Desk

Support Hours:

Standard University business hours; Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm.

Available from:

All UWA Campuses and Sites.


The service is currently provided at no charge to users in supported business units, and those under negotiated Service Level Agreements


You must be able to identify the BI&TS-managed desktop or laptop, and provide adequate contact/location details

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Service Hours

Standard University business hours; Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm.

How do I get it?

A ticket must be logged via the BI&TS Service Desk, where it will be escalated to field support where appropriate

Related Information


Individual users will:

  • Assist with all troubleshooting efforts requested by the Service Desk
  • Provide all requested information relevant to their issue as requested by the Service Desk and Desktop Support teams
  • Provide details of their availability to aid in scheduling appointments at appropriate times
  • Ensure they are available at the scheduled appointment time
  • Allow remote access to your desktop or laptop to assist in the resolution of tickets
  • Request repairs only on equipment that is covered by vendor or manufacturer warranty
  • Request support only for standard applications, or those included on a business unit specific annexe to the Service Level Agreement
  • Retain responsibility for all other applications (including those downloaded from the web)
  • Assist where possible in troubleshooting any issues which might be preventing remote access, such as issues with physical cabling
  • Contact UWA Safety and Health for an ergonomic assessment of workstation/area
Faculty/ Business Unit will:
  • Ensure that staff desktop and laptop computers are replaced prior to the expiry of vendor or manufacturer warranty
  • Arrange for the physical relocation of computers, peripherals and related equipment
  • Arrange suitable training for business applications
  • Coordinate support with vendors for non-standard applications and IT equipment
  • Ensure valid licenses are maintained for all software installations

Business Information & Technology Services (BI&TS) will:

  • Aim to resolve tickets within the targets specified in the Service Level Agreement
  • Attempt to resolve your issue remotely prior to arranging an on-site visit
  • Provide standard support for BI&TS-managed desktop and laptop computers
  • Provide hardware-level support only for IT equipment that is covered by vendor or manufacturer warranty
  • Assist with the re-connection of your desktop or laptop following equipment relocation
  • Physically attend to issues at UWA metropolitan locations only
  • Request your permission to proceed before remotely connecting to your desktop or laptop
  • Ensure that only authorised support staff have remote access to your desktop or laptop

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