The Mail List service provides UWA staff and students with the ability to create and manage email distribution lists.

Supporting the pillars of:
Teaching and Learning Research Community


Also Known As: Mailman.

Mail Lists allows staff and students at the University to maintain lists of email contacts, with a large range of configuration options available to suit more applications.

Features and Benefits


By providing a simple yet powerful distribution list service, Mail Lists allows the University to engage with large numbers of staff, students or 3rd party contacts at one time.

Key Features

  • Moderation - Several moderation options are available, to ensure only appropriate communications are sent out
  • Self Service - Lists can be configured to allow users to subcribe and unsubscribe via a web page without human interaction
  • Powerful Interface - A powerful, simple to use web interface allows the list administrator to set many configuration options
  • Internal or External - Any email address can be subscribed, regardless of whether they are a University Staff, Student or external email address
  • Content Filtering - Mailing lists can be created that allow anybody with the address to email the list, list members only, by moderation, or only specific users
  • Varied Applications - Lists can be created for a single mailout, or for long term regular use.
  • Privacy - Several privacy options exist to allow the list administrator to make the senders and members transparent or private as necessary
  • Mass Subscription/Removal - Multiple email addresses can be subscribed to a mailing list at a time by simply pasting a list of valid email addresses into the appropriate section in the web interface

Availability and Support

Available to:

UWA Staff and Students

Support Unit:

Business Information & Technology Services(BI&TS) are your first point of contact for this service

How do I get it:
You may log a request via Self Service
Support Hours:

Standard University business hours; Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5pm.

Available from:



There is no charge associated with the service offering.


You must be a current UWA staff member or student, and have an active UWA Login

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Service Hours

This service is available 24 by 7.
All scheduled maintenance and outage windows will be advised ahead of time.

How do I get it?

You may log a request via Self Service

Related Information


Individual staff members will:
  • Ensure that all communications comply with all relevant UWA Policies and guidelines
  • Manage their own subscription and unsubscription from mail lists that allow this as an option
  • Report any unsolicited subscription or inappropriate messages to the mail list Administrator

Mail List Moderators will:

  • Maintain accountability for releasing and rejecting messages sent to lists they moderate

Mail List Administrators will:

  • Maintain the configuration and membership of lists they manage
  • Maintain a list of moderators where necessary
  • Ensure that emails released to the list comply with all UWA policies and guidelines on email and communications
  • Discuss requirements for mass/bulk emails with Business Information & Technology Services

Business Information & Technology Services will:

  • Respond to requests for new mailing lists
  • Respond to tickets requesting information for and reporting issues with the Mail Lists Service
  • Ensure the availability of the underlying infrastructure
  • Provide and maintain self help documentation to assist users, moderators and administrators

Self Help