Student Email provides current UWA students with the facility to send and receive email, store documents and contacts, as well as a calendaring function linked to the timetabling service.

Supporting the pillars of:
Teaching and Learning Research Community


Also Known As: Student Email and Calendaring

Student Email offers a robust, high performance email, calendaring and collaboration solution with ample storage, high availability and accessibility from anywhere in the world.

Features and Benefits


UWA students are provided with a reliable method of communication with staff and fellow students. The calendaring feature provides them with the capability to view their class timetables quickly from any Internet enabled device with a web browser.

Key Features

  • Accessibility - Student Email is available from anywhere where unrestricted internet access is available
  • Collaboration - Multiple tools are available to communicate and work collaboratively with fellow students
  • Teaching - Using a suite of integrated applications, teaching staff can make documents and files available to class groups, as well as communicating easily via email
  • Calendaring - Integrates with UWA's timetabling services, allowing students to keep track of lectures, classes, events and exams
  • Cloud Storage - Accessible from computers and mobile devices anywhere that a connection to the Internet is available
  • Instant Messaging - Allows students to keep in touch with friends, family and other students
  • Websites - Create, share and publish your own web presence
  • Reliability - Student Email experiences very high availability vs a locally hosted service
  • Intuitive - the graphical interface shares common elements with many common email services, ensuring ease of use
  • Integrated Timetables - By integrating the Student Calendar with the timetabling service, your class time tables are easier to access than ever
  • Mobile Access - Integrate your Student Email and Calendar with your mobile device for easy access to email and class schedules via Unifi on campus

Availability and Support

Available to:

UWA students

Support Unit:

Research and Learning Support staff in the UWA Subject Libraries are the first point of contact for this service

How do I get it:

You may log into student email using your UWA Login via our Student Webmail Service

Support Hours:

Standard University business hours; Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm.

Available from:

On and off campus


There is no charge associated with the standard service offering.


You must have an active UWA Login

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Service Hours

This service is available 24 by 7.
All scheduled maintenance and outage windows will be advised ahead of time.

How do I get it?

You may log into student email using your UWA Login via our Webmail Service

Related Information


Individual students will:
  • Report any issues to Research and Learning Support either via AskUWA or in person at one of the UWA Subject Libraries
  • Comply with policies on the use of email at UWA

Research & Learning Support will:

  • Act as the first point of contact for queries relating to Student Email
  • Assist with the configuration of devices and shared computers for students wishing to access the service
  • Provide and maintain self-help documentation to assist students who wish to access the service
  • Escalate tickets concerning the underlying systems to Business Information & Technology Services (BI&TS)

Local IT Support will:

  • Provide support for the installation and configuration of software used to connect to the service
  • Act as the first point of contact for students who require support using shared computers in their area
  • Escalate tickets concerning the underlying systems to BI&TS via the IT Service Desk
Business Area management will:
  • Ensure that all staff comply with policies regarding Student Email at UWA

University IT will:

  • Ensure the availability of the underlying infrastructure at UWA campuses
  • Advise of any unscheduled service interruption
  • Maintain responsibility for provisioning and de-provisioning student email accounts

Self Help