Staff Printing provides a centrally managed printing solution for staff using desktop and laptop computers supported by Business Information & Technology Services (BI&TS)

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Teaching and Learning Research Community


Also Known As: Printing

Business Information & Technology Services (BI&TS) provide a managed print solution for staff in supported business areas, covering device selection and procurement, a central print server, print queue configuration and support.

Features and Benefits


By centrally managing staff printing services, Business Information & Technology Services (BI&TS) ensure that staff are able to gain access to local printers quickly and without the need for technical knowledge. BI&TS can recommend and assist with the procurement of a variety of devices to cover a broad range of requirements, from small desktop printers through to large multi-function printers able to service an entire office area.

Key Features

  • Print Queue Management - A centrally managed print server allow easy connection to local printers. Just search for the printer by name and add it.
  • Procurement - BI&TS can recommend one of several standard models to suit business area requirements, and arrange the purchase where funding is provided
  • Printer Support - BI&TS can offer support for issues relating to printing to the centrally manage print queues
  • Warranty Repairs - BI&TS can arrange repairs for printers and multi-function printers that are covered by vendor or manufacturer warranty
  • Scan to Email - Selected multi-function printers allow staff to send scanned documents from the device straight to their email inbox
  • Consistent Experience - By applying standards and commonality between printing devices, we ensure that your experience remains the same between different areas and printers
  • Faxing - While some multi-function printers are capable of sending documents via fax, BI&TS do not offer support for this feature

Availability and Support

Available to:

All Staff presently working on a Business Information & Technology Services (BI&TS)-managed desktop or laptop

Support Unit:
The IT Services Service Desk is the first point of contact for this service.BI&TS Service Desk

How do I get it:

Contact Business Information & Technology Services via the BI&TS Service Desk or via email

Support Hours:

Standard University business hours; Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm.

Available from:

Crawley Campus


Procurement costs vary depending on the device.

The service is currently provided at no charge to users in supported business units, and those under negotiated Service Level Agreements


Your printer must have been purchased with consultation from BI&TS, and in accordance with our preferred supplier agreement.

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Service Hours

This service is available 24 by 7.

All scheduled maintenance and outage windows will be advised ahead of time

How do I get it?

Contact Business Information & Technology Services via the BI&TS Service Desk or via email

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Individual staff members will:
  • Report any issues to their local IT support groups
  • Attempt to clear paper jams, replace paper, toner cartridges and other consumables
  • Provide all relevant details when logging a ticket, such as printer name and business area
  • Assist in troubleshooting any issues which might be preventing remote access to your computer, such as issues with physical cabling and restarting the device
  • Contact the Service Desk for support only for printers managed under agreement by Business Information & Technology Services (BI&TS)

Business area management will:

  • Maintain responsibility for all servicing requirements, consumables and non-warranty repairs
  • Ensure that devices are kept up to date (within warranty) and replaced as necessary
  • Provide funding for the purchase and ongoing maintenance of printing devices
  • Inform BI&TS of their business requirements when requesting the procurement of a new printer
  • Coordinate the removal and safe disposal of devices that have passed end of life with BI&TS
  • Make arrangements for the provision of user training where required

Local IT support groups will:

  • Provide support for devices in their supported areas

Business Information & Technology Services (BI&TS) will:

  • Ensure the availability of the Staff Printing service
  • Advise of any unscheduled service interruptions
  • Provide support for issues relating to printing and printer installation for printers purchased via BI&TS
  • Contact the hardware vendor on your behalf to arrange for warranty repairs on supported devices
  • Only support printers purchased via BI&TS from the list of supported devices
  • Only create central printing queues for supported devices

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