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Online Training provides an easy solution for staff and students seeking to learn more about using popular software.

Supporting the pillars of:
Teaching and Learning Research Community


Also Known As: Software Training

From any computer on campus, or from home via the UniConnect VPN, you can access a vast range of training material to suit most commonly used office and productivity software.

Features and Benefits


Online training provides UWA Staff and Students with access to a vast collection of resources, from quickstart guides to help you get underway quickly, complete courses for common software applications, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, and support for professional qualifications and certification in areas such as Project Management, Networking, Programming and more.

Key Features

  • Quick Start Guides - Help you get underway with a new piece of software quickly
  • Full Courseware - Detailed and step-by-step training to help you get the most out of your applications, or to learn something new
  • Certification Courseware - Industry recognised and certified training in a range of methodologies and technologies (Exams not included)

Availability and Support

Available to:

Current UWA Staff and Students

Support Unit:

The training is self guided. Support for this service is not available through UWA.

How do I get it:

Access Online Training courses via our Self Help section

Support Hours:

Support for this service is not available through UWA

Available from:

Any computer on the UWA network


There is no charge associated with the standard service offering.


You must be a current staff member or student, connected connected to the UWA network either on campus or via UniConnect to access this service

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Service Hours

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How do I get it?

Access Online Training courses via our Self Help section

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Individual students and staff members will:
  • Use the resources to improve their understanding and capability for the tools they use whilst at UWA
  • Keep the username and password secure, and not facilitate use to people not currently enrolled in or staff at UWA

Business Information & Technology Services will:

  • Facilitate this service through a subscription to VTC Online Training and other resources
  • Ensure the service remains available only to staff and students accessing it via computers on the UWA network

Self Help

Software Application TrainingNotesLogin
Microsoft Office 365 Quick StartQuick start guide for Microsoft Office 365 to get you up and running quicklyUsername: uwalearn
Password: uwa1913
Microsoft Office 2013 BundleComprehensive training for all Microsoft Office 2013 applicationsUsername: uwalearn
Password: uwa1913
Microsoft Word 2013Detailed training for Microsoft Word 2013Username: uwalearn
Password: uwa1913
Microsoft Outlook 2013Detail training for Microsoft Outlook 2013 Username: uwalearn
Password: uwa1913
Microsoft Excel 2013Detailed training for Microsof Excel 2013Username: uwalearn
Password: uwa1913
Full course listFull range of courses covering most common software applications and professional developmentUsername: uwalearn
Password: uwa1913

If any of the the above links appear out of date or broken, or you would like to suggest further additions, please contact the Service Desk by email: ithelp-is@uwa.edu.au