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All central teaching facilities on the Crawley campus have appropriate connections for laptops.

Major venues also have a built-in PC in the lectern for loading presentations stored on a USB memory stick or CD/DVD. Lectern PCs can handle most commonly used files such as PowerPoint, Adobe Reader and DVD video.


The PCs are connected to the UWA Utility network so you can have UWA web access. If you prefer to use a laptop, this option is still available. Venues with lectern PCs are listed below.

Laptops in lecture theatres can be connected to the internet either wirelessly or via a network cable.

  1. A connection to the central utility network managed by IS. This is a blue cable plugged in to the side of the lectern. Whether you are using a departmental laptop or your own personal one, it will need to be configured to work on the Lecture Theatre network as it is a different network to the central administration network. Contact your department's IT Support section and ensure you note down any changes made to your configuration. You may need to change the settings back to connect from places other than lecture theatres.
  2. A connection to the departmental network of the section that manages the building. For these, you will need to check with the particular department IT Support for how you can connect.

The basic connection gives you access to the UWA network, but not to any external sites.

If you wish to browse external internet sites, you will need to use either the UWA Web Proxy, make a VPN connection, or access the wireless network.


Location Venue name Building:Room
Agriculture Agriculture LT 401:G013
Arts Alexander LT 106:G57
Arts Arts LR 4 106:G60
Arts Arts LR 5 106:G61
Arts Arts LR 6 106:G62
Arts Arts LR 8 106:160
Arts Arts LR 9 106:161
Arts Arts LR 10 106:162
Arts Austin LT 106:159
Arts Fox LT 106:G59
Arts Murdoch LT 106:G58
Business School Andrew Frazer Tute Room 441:263
Business School Bruce MacKinlay Tute Room 441:260
Business School Case Study Room 201 441:201
Business School Case Study Room 242 441:242
Business School Cullity Tute Room 441:161
Business School Ernst & Young LT 441:G89
Business School Hawaiian Tute Room 441:160
Business School John Poynton Tute Room 441:162
Business School MBA Tute Room 441:264
Business School Michael Chaney CS Room 441:G42
Business School Mitsui Tute Room 441:163
Business School Philip Brown Tute Room 441:164
Business School Rick Crabb Tute Room 441:262
Business School Rod Eddington CS Room 441:142
Business School Tony Howarth CS Room 441:G01
Business School Trevor Eastwood Tute Room 441:261
Business School Voelte-Keegan CS Room 441:101
Business School Wesfarmers LT 441:G91
Chemistry Chemistry LT 211:G33
Chemistry Chemistry SR 211:G35
Chemistry Tattersall LT 210:G106
Chemistry Wilsmore LT 210:G108
Engineering Engineering 1.05 224:105
Engineering Engineering 2.45 224:245
Engineering Engineering G.11 224:G11
Engineering Engineering G.13 224:G13
Engineering Engineering LT 1 224:G06
Engineering Engineering LT 2 224:G04
General Purpose 3 General Purpose 3 LR 2.02 235:202
General Purpose 3 Simmonds LT 235:G01
Geography and Geology Gentilli LT 225:131
Geography and Geology Webb LT 225:G21
Geography and Geology Woolnough LT 225:107
Law Law LR 1 338:G31
Law Law LT 338:106
Law Moot Court 338:G06
Love House Love House SR1 653:G02
Mathematics Maths LR 1 223:G17
Mathematics Weatherburn LT 223:G40
Music Callaway Music Auditorium 142:G10
Music Tunley LT 142:G05
Myers Street Myers Street LT 238:206
Nedlands Hew Roberts LT 686:102
Octagon Octagon LT 143:G11
OHCWA KJG Sutherland LT 500:G15
Old Pharmacology Old Pharmacology SR G.01 412:G01
Park Avenue Park Avenue LT 661:G20
Physics Clews LT 245:243
Physics Physics LR 2.15 245:215
Physics Ross LT 245:G41
QEII D Block Psychiatry LT 505:101
QEII G Block Joske SR 509:AAA
QEII P Block F J Clark LT 507:G31
QEII P Block Mary Lockett LT 507:G16
Robert Street  Robert Street LT 272:G16
Social Science Social Science LR 1 352:G28
Social Science Social Science LR 2 352:129
Social Science Social Science LT 352:G130
Social Science Social Science SR 2202 352:2202
Social Science Social Science SR 2204 352:2204
Sport Science John Bloomfield LT 444:102
Zoology Jennifer Arnold LT 420:G10