Further information

  • Student IT Accounts
  • Conditions of access to UWAs IT systems
  • UWA Wireless Network: Unifi

There are several ways students at UWA can get access to online systems and resources.

To use many of the services, you will need to make sure your central student account has been upgraded to a full service central student account.

Connecting at UWA

Wireless access is available on campus from many locations.
The Reid Library provides computers and IT services for use by students. Most library buildings at UWA also have facilities to allow students to connect their own laptops or mobile computing devices to the network.
There are no centrally managed general purpose student computer labs at UWA. Laboratory facilities are provided to you by the faculty, school or section of the University. Ask your lecturers for details on what facilities are available, or contact your local IT support.

Connecting away from UWA

Many UWA resources are available through any internet connection. However, for some it is necessary to restrict access to UWA students only. There are several ways that you can access these systems when not at UWA:

This makes a different type of connection to the UWA network and may be required to access restricted UWA systems.
eduroam allows UWA students to use their UWA Pheme credentials to access the internet and connect to resources at UWA when visiting participating institutions worldwide.

Faculties, Schools and business units may provide other resource that you can access remotely - contact your local IT support for further information.