Further information

Contact IT support

Username and password

For wireless access via Unifi, use your UWA Person ID and Pheme password.

Your UWA Person ID is your student number or staff number.

Students can connect their laptops to the UWA network and the internet.


Connection to the UWA network (and the internet) for laptops owned and managed by the University is arranged by the relevant local IT support staff.

If you want to connect your personal laptop to the network within your section of the University, or require access to anything such as your section's shared drives, ask your local IT Support whether this can be done and, if so, how it can be achieved.


Wired and wireless access to the broader UWA network is provided for mobile devices through the central VPN and wired and wireless system.

This provides a basic connection to the UWA network, giving access to the internet, to UWA intranet sites and restricted Library journals.

There are many wireless connection points on campus.


Access the instructions on how to configure and connect your laptop or other mobile device to be able to connect to the VPN wired and wireless system.