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Information Services provides all students at UWA with a central student account with an email address.


This account is managed by Pheme, the authentication management system.

All students must activate their Pheme account on the Pheme website. Help is available in Activation Help.

If it is already activated but inaccessible, students can reset their passwords online, again from the Pheme website. See Reset Password Help.

Once activated with a password set, Pheme will present the central student username and email address. For example,

Joe Bloggs might have a username of bloggj01 and an email address of [email protected].

These details can be revisited at any time by logging into Pheme.


Students with active accounts may access their central student account email from Webmail. This may be accessed using the central student username and password, as set in Pheme above.


IS also provides an optional personal internet provision to students. This requires upgrading the central student account to include Full Service. This enables access to the internet from many on-campus facilities and also from home, using the central student username and password.

A faculty, school or section may also provide their students with additional accounts for accessing their facilities. Contact your faculty or school directly.