Further information

What is UniConnect?

The UniConnect service links your computer into the UWA campus network.

Your machine is assigned a UWA internet address as if you were on-campus.

You can access resources which are available only to people on-campus. These resources include various library services, coursework and course information and any online journals which you can normally access only from a UWA machine.

All of your online activity whilst connected passes through the University network, including internet activity. As such, you should use UniConnect only whilst you require access to your University resources and disconnect when not required. Traffic passing from the University to you through UniConnect will be included in the total traffic charged to you by your internet provider.


UniConnect uses a combination of your UWA account and multi-factor authentication. Please ensure your account is in order before attempting connection. 

You can use the UniConnect service from anywhere that provides full internet connectivity.

Setup instructions

Staff guides are available on the staff intranet.

Student guides are available below: 

Staff can also contact the IT Service Desk for additional assistance: