Follow the instructions to set up eduroam if you are using Mac OS 10.5.

System requirements


To use eduroam at UWA on a Macintosh laptop running Mac OS X 10.5, you must have an Airport Card installed.

Visitors to the University of Western Australia must substitute the username and passwords supplied to them by their home institution for those suggested below.


  1. Turn on your Airport Wireless Network card if is not already
  2. Select 'Open Network Preferences...'
  3. From the Location field, select to 'Edit Locations...'
  4. Click the '+' sign to add a network location.
  5. Give it a name like "UWA eduroam" and then click 'Done'.
  6. You should see that your location is now set to the name you gave it.
  7. Now, click on the Network Name field and select eduroam from the list.
  8. A window will appear asking you for credentials.
  9. If you're a UWA person, your username and password will be:
    username: [email protected]
    password: Pheme password
    and click OK.
  10. You will then be asked to Verify the 802.1x Certificate.
  11. Click on the 'Show Certificate' button.
  12. Expand the 'Trust' tree.
  13. Set the Trust type to 'Always Trust' for all three fields. If you change the top field you may see it replicate that selection to the others.
  14. Click 'Continue'.
  15. You should now see that the network is available and you are now Authenticated. Click 'Apply'.
  16. The EAPOL client now asks to store your credentials in the keychain. I have elected to 'Always Allow' access. The choice is up to you but this is the easiest option for the future connection of the client.
  17. Again you will be asked to verify the Certificate. Expand the 'Trust' tree and select 'Always Trust' for all fields.
  18. You will then need to authorise the changes by supplying the local Administrator Account credentials. Fill in the fields and click 'OK'.
  19. You should now be connected to the Wireless Network.

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