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Use of wireless policy

Unifi is the UWA wireless network for all University staff and students.

Unifi is simple to use.

  1. Access
  2. Getting connected
  3. Coverage
  4. Restrictions


Staff and students authenticate to the Unifi wireless network using their Pheme credentials.

have instant access to the wireless network. There is no requirement to apply, register or create an additional account. Access is provided as soon as their Pheme account is registered.
have immediate access to the wireless network once their Pheme account is activated and they have agreed to the terms and conditions of internet access – done by choosing the 'change internet access' link in Pheme.

will need to request a UnifiGuest account.



Areas with Unifi coverage display the 'Unifi available here' sign. Unifi coverage is available in areas where students regularly gather and in most University buildings.

Not all areas of campus are currently covered. However, plans are in place to extend this coverage.


To prevent the spread of viruses and to prevent unauthorised access to client devices connecting to the Unifi network, peer-to-peer connections are blocked at the University firewall. This means that things such as Windows Filesharing, SMB, peer-to-peer networks and the like will not function within the University network.

With Unifi, you may find that you no longer have access to restricted resources in your school, faculty, laboratory or the University Library.

A significant cause of the degradation of the previous University wireless network was the reliance on it as an authorisation platform for restricted resources. This authorisation took the form of a static IP address which is not possible with Unifi.

The UWA VPN service still exists if your business area requires additional, IP-based authorisation to access restricted resources. Additionally, your area may provide a VPN or other authorisation service of its own. Contact your local IT Support for more information. 

Unifi only allows users to connect a maximum of three devices per person at a time. This is to prevent excessive network congestion from people having multiple devices connected simultaneously.

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Users can access MATLAB if connected to Unifi

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