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  • Use of wireless policy

NOTE: You cannot connect UniConnect whilst connected to Unifi. You will need to be connected to the internet via another means, such as a wired ethernet connection.


You can access wireless - Unifi and eduroam, and the wired network from the multiple locations at UWA.

  1. Wireless access
  2. Wired access

Wireless access

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Wired access - Uniconnect

Barry J. Marshall Library

  • Ground Floor - 27 data points
  • First Floor - 28 data points
  • Second Floor - 36 data points

Reid Library

  • First Floor - 19 data points
  • Postgraduate Reading area
  • Third floor, GSR1, GSR2 and GSR3. 3 data points

Medical and Dental Library

  • Ground floor - 12 data points
  • First floor - 12 data points

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