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Network access policy

Is your local IT support provided by Information Services?

Access to your work computer, local networks and email could be provided by your Faculty and not by Information Services. Investigating your access to computer networks and email systems is best commenced with where you work and the Faculties providing their own IT support.

UWA provides IT accounts for all staff so they can access a range of systems.

  1. Pheme
  2. Central administration network
  3. Other access and services
  4. Internet Protocol range

Pheme account

UWA has a central Access Management System called Pheme, where you activate and maintain your central university account and set a password.

Your Pheme account gives access to a range of UWA online services, including:

Your Pheme account needs to be activated by you before it can be used.

Central administration network access

A Central administration network account has two levels of access, depending on whether your local desktop support is provided by Information Services (IS) or by your local IT section.

If your area receives computing support from IS, you will need a central administration network account to access:

  • a workstation
  • a central file server for document storage

The Central administration network account also enables you to apply for central corporate systems such as TRIM and some HR systems. However, access to individual applications rests with the area responsible for that application. You will be required to adhere to the conditions of access to the central administration network.

UWA staff not supported by IS for their local IT needs may also require a central administration network account to gain access to University wide systems, including TRIM and HR Systems.

Once created, the Central administration network account uses your Pheme password and username to access the account.

Request central administration network access

A University staff member with an activated Pheme account can request a central administration network account via the Service Desk.  Supervisors may also submit the request on behalf of another member of staff:

  1. Log into the Service Desk
  2. Select Self Service from the menu on the left
  3. Select ADMIN Domain Account Requests and choose New Personal ADMIN Network Account
  4. Follow the instructions and submit the completed form.

Change your user name

If your central administration network staff name is different to the name you use, you may apply to have it amended. (This only applies to users of the central administration network.)

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Other access and services

Internet Protocol range

While many UWA systems can be accessed off of the University's Internet Protocol (IP) range (remotely) with UWA user accounts, some cannot.

The central administration network account can be upgraded to allow remote access to systems not immediately available.

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