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To ensure to remain secure, your UWA Login password needs to be reset every 6 months. Your UWA Login is used for multiple services, so in order to prevent lockouts, it is important to ensure that your devices, laptop, or desktop are not still trying to communicate with our systems using the old password.

If your Pheme password has expired, you will need to call the IT Service Desk between 8:00AM and 5:00PM to have this reset. Please note that ESS and Alesco do not use your Pheme password. If you need assistance on either, please contact HR Systems.

In the days leading up to your password expiry date, you will receive reminder emails from Pheme, the UWA Authentication Management System. It is generally a good idea to plan to reset your password during a quiet time, as it may take 20 minutes or so before you are able to resume work.

If you are a staff member and taking leave, it is important to ensure your password is not due to expire while you are away, as it can be much harder to manage your password change from off campus. Likewise, if your password is due to expire on a weekend, try to take care of it beforehand.

When you have decided to reset your password we recommend taking the following steps:

Step 1 - Restart your computer

It is a good idea to reboot entirely before changing your password, as this will ensure that you are not logged into UWA systems from there. Once you have rebooted, do not open any programs apart from the web browser you intend to use to log into Pheme (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox).

If you are logged into any UWA systems from home, you will also need to reboot your home computer before you can safely reset your password, or you may be locked out.

Step 2 - Restart Mobile Devices and set them to Flight Mode

If you have your smart phone or tablet configured to access UniDrive, UniFi, UWA Staff or Student Email, you should restart them, and to switch them to Flight mode. Ensure that you don't disable flight mode before changing the password. This will allow you to update your passwords on those devices without being locked out. If you do not use your tablet or smart phone to access UWA Email, you can skip to Step 3.

To enable Flight mode on iPad and iPhone devices, swipe up from the bottom and tap the flight mode symbol:

To enable Flight mode on Samsung Galaxy Devices:

Swipe top down and click the quick settings button

Tap Flight Mode symbol

Step 3 - Open your web browser

Now we are ready to change your password. Open your web browser and go directly to www.pheme.uwa.edu.au

Select Staff, Student or Visitor as appropriate

Step 4 - Log in to Pheme

Log in using your staff, student or visitor number and your current password. If you've forgotten your current password, click Forgot My Password to reset.

Click Change Password on the top left of the Navigation Sidebar

Step 5 - Change Your Password

In order to set your new pheme password, perform the following steps:

  • Enter your current password (the one you use to log in)
  • Enter your new password (see Password Guidelines for more information)
  • Confirm your new password
  • Tick the box to confirm that you have read, understood and accept the UWA Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Click Submit

If your new password met the UWA Password Guidelines, you should see in red a notification that your password has been changed. If not, there should be a short explanation why your password was not accepted.

Step 6 - Log Out of Your Computer

If you are on a UWA computer, you should log out once your receive confirmation that your password has been changed, in order to update your login credentials. It is important that you do not continue working without updating your credentials first.

Step 7 - Log In With Your New Password

Using your new password, log back in. You can now proceed to log back in to UWA Services with your new password, ensuring that you do not log in with a saved password.

Step 8 - Update Mobile Devices

You may now reset your password for your Mobile Devices.

Once your passwords have been reset, you may disable Flight Mode, the same way you enabled it in Step 2. If you have used your mobile device to connect to UniFi, or Eduroam it should prompt for your new password now.

Congratulations, you are done!

Account Lockouts

If at some point your new password is rejected and you believe this is not the case, you have have been locked out. In order to unlock your account, ensure you have removed or changed any saved passwords that may be causing this, and log into Pheme with your newest password. This will unlock your accounts.