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Audio Visual Training

Information Services provides alternatives for people to attend meetings remotely without the need to travel and freeing up valuable time.

The alternatives include audio only, as well as audio and video with options for sharing computer presentations such as PowerPoint slides, and video sources such as VHS tapes or DVDs.

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Options are available for:

  • one-to-one (one user communicates via video/audio with another user)
  • one-to-many (a lecturer presents a group in a lecture theatre or a group each using their own PCs)
  • many-to-many (a group of users communicate using individual PCs).

You can chose from conference phones, multi-point control units (MCUs) to bridge multiple audio or video conference connections, desktop or web based solutions.

Teleconference phones
used for a table of people to dial into a meeting or to an individual.
Video conference facilities
used for either audio or video conference meetings to dial into a compatible MCU bridge.
Distributed web-based desktop solutions
used for formal or informal audio or video conference meetings through Skype, AARNet Anywhere or Evo.

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IS facilities

Teleconference phones

Teleconference phones are available for hire from the Audio Visual Unit.

Other facilities

Audio and video conference facilities are managed by the Audio Visual Unit at many facilities around the University.


Costs vary depending on the facilities required. However, for many facilities there is no charge.

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