Further information

If you encounter any faults or maintenance issues, please report them as soon as possible.

Most common faults can be rectified within 10 minutes or, if necessary and subject to availability, the equipment can be replaced straight away.

All users of audio visual facilities should consider others and not leave equipment in a broken or unusable condition. Please notify the Audio Visual Unit on extension 2026 so repairs can be carried out before the next use.

  1. Customer service standards
  2. Advice and information

Customer service standards

Equipment maintenance and repairs

The AV Unit will:

  • ensure that audio visual equipment is in good working order (95 per cent)
  • respond to requests to assist staff with audio visual problems within 10 minutes of the Audio Visual Unit being notified of the problem
  • ensure that all repairs are carried out to accepted industry standards (100 per cent).
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Advice and information

Audio Visual Unit staff will:

  • listen to customers to identify their needs and do their best to meet them and where this is not possible the requirements will be passed on to relevant staff or committees
  • provide accurate technical advice to departments and faculties intent on purchasing audio visual equipment
  • provide accurate technical advice to university committees considering appropriate equipment standards for common teaching facilities.
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