Further information

Booking equipment, including costs

During semester the following rules apply for Central Teaching Facilities that must be manually unlocked.

  • Rooms with bookings starting before 9am Monday to Friday will be opened by the cleaning staff.
  • Rooms with bookings starting from 9am till 4:30pm Monday to Friday will be opened by the Audio Visual Unit.
  • Rooms with bookings starting after 4:30pm or on weekends or public holidays will be opened by UWA Security.
  • During semester breaks the cleaning staff will leave all venues locked unless instructed otherwise. The Audio Visual Unit will monitor room bookings and ensure rooms are unlocked as needed, up till 5.00pm. UWA Security handles after-hours bookings (5.00pm or later).
  • If an area assigned to be unlocked by an AV Assistant is found to be locked then the responsible AV Assistant will be recalled to rectify the situation.
  • If an area assigned to be unlocked by a cleaner is found to be locked, then the nearest AV Assistant with the appropriate keys will be despatched, and the cleaning supervisor informed to ensure that the responsible cleaner is made aware of the oversight. This function takes second priority to Audio Visual bookings and emergencies.

All other unlocking is the responsibility of the relevant departments. The Audio Visual Unit will not respond to requests to unlock offices or other non-central teaching rooms.