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The following policies apply to staff email:

A central UWA Email and Calendar Service (ECS) is provided to all University staff. 

The Email and Calendar Service, or ECS, provides standard email facilities, common shared staff address lists and the ability to schedule individual appointments as well as meetings based on shared free/busy information about staff and resources.

  1. Who gets an ECS account
  2. Account creation
  3. Contract termination
  4. Departing staff
  5. What an ECS account gives you
  6. Managing and supporting ECS
  7. How to...

Who gets an ECS account

The University defines two categories of staff: Category 1 and Category 2. Please refer to the University Policy on Access to University Buildings and Electronic Systems by Staff and Visitors.

All UWA Category 1 staff are provided with a mailbox in the ECS system and an associated UWA address that conforms to the official UWA email address format[email protected]. This information is managed through Pheme.

Category 2 staff are also provided with a UWA address of the format [email protected], but they can choose either to activate the associated ECS mailbox or to direct their UWA address to an external (non-UWA) mailbox. This choice is presented when they activate their Pheme account.

Account creation

When new Category 1 staff join the University, their ECS mailbox will be automatically created once their details have been recorded in Alesco. The mailbox is not activated until they activate their Pheme account. For Category 2 staff, an ECS mailbox is created and activated if they choose this option in Pheme.

A staff mailbox cannot be created before HR has created the staff record.

  • To ensure new staff get access to email in a timely manner, the faculty, school or business area must ensure that all necessary paperwork is sent to Human Resources (HR) well in advance of commencement.
  • When the new staff member arrives at work on the first day, the business unit should notify HR of the commencement. 
  • The new staff member should then login to Pheme (requires staff number and date of birth) to activate their account, set their password  and verify their official @uwa alias.  This activates their ECS mailbox.
    Currently, there is a two-hour delay after commencement is recorded by HR before the new staff member can log in to their Pheme account.
  • The new staff member will immediately have access to the Email and Calendaring Service via the web-based interface.
  • The local IT support team should then configure any email clients (Outlook/Entourage) or mobile devices that the staff member will be using. Most Local IT teams appreciate advance warning of these requirements.

The faculty/school/business area is responsible for adding the new staff member to appropriate distribution lists, and giving them relevant access to role-based or resource accounts.

Contract termination

When a staff member’s employment, or other official association with the University,  ceases, their Pheme account is closed and thus access to ECS  (and other IT systems) is automatically disabled at the close of business on the last day.  The mailbox stops receiving email after 10 days, and is deleted 130 days following the departure date.

21 days prior to the end of the contract, an email notification is sent to the staff member, warning of the impending removal of access.  This early warning allows the department to take necessary steps with HR should they wish to re-new the contract. If the contract is not renewed, this email notification is repeated at pre-defined intervals: 7, 4, 3, 2, and 1 days prior to the actual departure date.

At any stage between the first notification and departure, the department can arrange with HR to have the contract renewed or a new contract created. If this is done, there will be no interruption to the staff member’s access.

In cases when a new /extended contract is arranged after their Pheme account has been de-activated:

  • If the person is re-appointed within 10 days of departure,  all they need to do is re-activate Pheme and set a new password. Their email access will be re-enabled. Their mailbox is still there and receiving email.
  • If the person is re-appointed after 10 days of departure but before the mailbox is deleted, they can re-activate Pheme and set a new password. Their email access will be re-enabled, their mailbox, which is still there, will begin to receive email again.
  • If the person is re-appointed after the mailbox is deleted, they are treated as a new employee and will be given a new mailbox.

In cases where there is a gap between the start of a new contract and the end of the old one, provided the new contract is processed by HR before the current contract expires, any gap between the end of one and the start of the next is ignored, so no de-activation will take place.  Access will continue during the gap.

Departing staff

Where a staff member ceases employment with the University, Pheme account de-activation will occur at close of business on the last day of their employment, after which time they will not be able to access their mailbox.

Ten (10) days later the account is de-provisioned, which means incoming email is blocked and an automatic response goes to the sender informing them that the staff member is no longer with UWA. The mailbox will be deleted after a further 120 days.

As stated in the Privacy of Electronic Material policy, to ensure continuity of business activity, an authorised person may, prior to the deletion of the mailbox, request delegated access to the mailbox of a user who has left the University.

Prior to the staff member's departure, management in the area should make transition arrangements for the mailbox, such as:

  • instructing the staff member to create an auto-response advising of imminent closure of account and providing correspondents with alternative internal email address(es) and/or contact(s)
  • getting the staff member to file/transfer/archive/delete work-related mail
  • arranging delegate access in order to clear out remaining mail following the staff member's departure
  • forwarding all incoming mail to an alternative internal email address, following de-activation and prior to de-provisioning.

The staff member is responsible for exporting/retaining any personal email prior to de-activation.

In cases where the role carried out by an individual is ongoing, it is always advisable to create a role-based mailbox, and publish this address rather than the staff member's personal address. The individual in the role can receive to, and send from, the role-based address, and encourage people to correspond via that address. This will cause less disruption and facilitate continuity when the individual leaves or someone else is acting in the position.  It has the added advantage of keeping all correspondence to do with the role in one mailbox, separate from any personal or non-role-related mail.

N.B. Employee Self Service (ESS) is not linked to Pheme, so de-activation of the Pheme account will not impact access to ESS.

What an ECS account gives you

An ECS account will enable you to:

  • manage your email and calendar via one of the supported email clients or through Webmail
  • set rules for managing incoming email
  • filter incoming mail to reduce the number of unsolicited 'spam' messages
  • filter incoming and outgoing mail to detect viruses and other malicious software
  • set up, manage and share staff distribution lists
  • access a searchable internal directory of all ECS email addresses
  • manage personal contacts
  • schedule and manage tasks
  • make individual appointments and schedule meetings with colleagues
  • book rooms and other resources as identified by your faculty, school or department
  • synchronise email and calendar with mobile phone/PDA devices
  • set up mailbox and calendar delegation
  • set up 'vacation messages'
  • share email folders, calendars, contacts and tasks with other ECS users.
For an overview of the level of service, see Email and Calendar Service standards. Also, review the policy and guidelines on the use of email at UWA.

Managing and Supporting ECS

Responsibilities for managing email, and the various types of related accounts, are allocated across relevant support and management groups.  These are detailed in ECS - Roles and Responsibilities.

How to ...

These pages provide all the information you will need to use UWA's Email and Calendar Service: