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The following policies apply to staff email:

In addition to accounts for University staff, non-personal accounts (ECS objects) can be created and managed in the Email and Calendaring Service.

  1. Role-based accounts
  2. Resource accounts
  3. Distribution list
  4. External contacts

Every non-personal account is assigned an owner who will be responsible for authorising all management aspects of the account. An owner must have a personal ECS account.

Before an owner leaves university employment they should organise reassignment of ownership. If not already actioned, ten (10) days following the owners termination date management of these non-personal accounts is reassigned to their supervisor. An email notification will be sent to the supervisor informing them of these actions. The supervisor may retain ownership and management of these objects, or reassign ownership.

Reassigning ownership of non-personal accounts can only be performed by Service Desk Staff. You can request this by submitting a request through the self-service Service Desk or by emailing [email protected], providing the name and staff number of the new owner against each non-personal account.

Naming conventions applying to all non-personal accounts in the ECS are defined in the University Policy on Function/Role Based Email Aliases. All requests for non-personal accounts should be lodged through Self Service, under My Dashboard in the Service Desk; this guides the creation of accounts so that they conform to these naming standards.

Role-based accounts

Role-based accounts are those established for roles or functions rather than named individuals. Such accounts may be created to allow a group of individuals to access a single mailbox and/or to send email from a single address.

They are particularly useful in cases where a position carried out by an individual is ongoing, regardless of who is filling the position, e.g., an executive assistant or a finance manager. By setting up a role-based mailbox, and publishing this address rather than the staff member's personal address, the individual in the role can receive to, and send from, the role-based address, and encourage people to correspond via that generic service email address. This will cause less disruption and facilitate continuity when the individual leaves or someone else is acting in the position.  It has the added advantage of keeping all correspondence to do with the role in one mailbox, separate from any personal or non-role-related mail.

Your local IT support will be able to advise when to use a role-based account and when it is more appropriate to use a distribution list.

Access to a role-based mailbox can be granted to individuals nominated by the person requesting the creation of the account or, subsequently, by the designated owner of the account.

The business area requesting the account is responsible for notifying IS should the account no longer be required.

Role-based accounts are not issued with a username and password. Users of role-based accounts access the mailbox using their personal Pheme username and password.

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Resource accounts

A resource account is used to facilitate online booking of shared resources such as rooms or a piece of equipment.

Presenting bookable resources through the email and calendaring service allows staff to view availability of resources when arranging meetings. However resources that are bookable through other University systems (such as rooms managed by the Timetabling system) may not be booked through the ECS.

As well as an owner, a resource account can also have Delegates to accept/reject booking requests, and similar.

Resource booking requests will only be accepted from ECS users. Using Self Service, under My Dashboard in the Service Desk, resource accounts can be requested through the local IT support group who will be able to recommend options on ways the resource can operate.

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Distribution lists

Email distribution lists provide a single address by which a group of users can be contacted. Everyone on the list must have an email account in the ECS system.

Lists which need to include individuals who are not UWA staff, might be better served by existing services such as Mailman or StaffConnect. If just the odd one or two non-UWA staff need to be included, they can be set up as External Contacts.

Distribution lists for personal use (that is, not shared) can be maintained in personal address lists.

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External contacts

An external contact represents an individual (or group) that does not have an account in ECS but has an email address elsewhere.

Creating an external contact allows that contact (individual or group) to be visible and selectable from the ECS address lists (e.g. in Outlook), or to be included in a distribution list.

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