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The following policies apply to staff email:

Responsibilities for using and managing the Email and Calendaring Service are allocated as follows:

Individual staff members will:

  • manage their email in accordance with University policies;
  • report issues and requests for service to their local IT Support staff.

Faculty / business area management will:

  • make arrangements for the provision of user support and training;
  • manage the approval of requests for additional email storage and pay the associated charges;
  • contact HR to inform them when staff are departing so that their Pheme record can be updated;
  • for departing members of staff, make appropriate transition arrangements for the staff member's mailbox (prior to deletion) and, where relevant, arrange replacement owner/delegates for non-user accounts.

Owners of distribution list, resource, external contact or role-based account will:

  • manage membership of distribution lists for which they are the designated account manager;
  • manage resource bookings where they have delegate authority;
  • authorise user accesses for role-based mailboxes for which they are the designated account manager;
  • authorise changes to external contacts for which they are the designated account manager.

Local IT support will:

  • provide support for the installation and configuration of software used to connect to the service. This may be a desktop client such as MS Outlook, or Entourage, or a web browser such as Internet Explorer;
  • be the first point of contact for staff who require support;
  • advise staff on how, when and why to archive email;
  • advise on, and authorise creation of, and manage, non-staff accounts (distribution lists, role-based accounts, bookable resources, etc.) for staff in their area;
  • configure resource accounts for their area;
  • for staff in their area, configure accesses to role-based mailboxes;
  • manage the "ownership" of resource accounts;
  • investigate issues, using the information available via the ECS administration tools;
  • escalate incidents to IS via the Service Desk as required.

Information Services will:

  • provide facility for automatic creation of user accounts for new staff;
  • provide automated process for de-provisioning user accounts of departing staff;
  • provide facility for requested creation of non-user accounts (distribution lists, role-based accounts, bookable resources, etc.), and their associated email addresses;
  • remove non-user accounts that owner departments determine are no longer required;
  • provide support and assistance to enable local IT support staff to support their departmental users;
  • provide SPAM filtering;
  • provide anti-virus scanning of incoming and outgoing email;
  • enable recovery of data resulting from system failure.