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The following policies apply to staff email:

The official UWA format for staff email addresses is [email protected]

Your preferred first name and preferred surname are used to construct your official UWA email address.

Your preferred first name
should be the given name by which you are generally known (for example, Bill). The default is your official given name (for example, William). You can set/change your preferred first name through the Personal Details section of the Employee Self Service – ESS.
Your preferred surname
is your official surname by default. If you have another surname in the HR system (through marriage), ESS will show both your current surname and your previous surname. You can select one of these as your preferred surname in the ESS.

Changes to your preferred name in ESS will be reflected in Pheme (within 2 hours), where, through the Change email address menu link, you can then select your preferred UWA email address.

In the case of staff who have only one name, the official format is [email protected]

Where duplicate names exist, the following options may be used:

This does not prohibit the existence of additional email aliases, such as legacy addresses, but there can be only one official UWA staff email address.

In formulating staff email addresses, punctuation in people's names, other than hyphens, must not be used.


In the case of long and/or complicated names, an alternative UWA staff email alias that is a shorter, less complicated version of the name as specified in the HR system may be requested through the self-service Service Desk.