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The following policies apply to staff email:

The Events and Calendaring Service aims to maintain a high level of service.

Here is an overview of the level of service you can expect:

Service description
The ECS will deliver a messaging service that provides email features as well as calendaring, address book and task management capabilities.
Service hours
The service will be available 24/7, apart from periods required for planned maintenance or resulting from service failures or emergency updates.
Service availability
To ensure a secure and reliable service, scheduled maintenance will occur during which time the service may be intermittently or entirely unavailable. Notifications will be issued, in advance, for any scheduled downtimes, via the self-service Service Desk.
Every staff member is given a mailbox size of 100GB. A notification will be sent when this limit is approached, advising actions that need to be taken. If you exceed the quota, you will not be able to send email until you reduce the size of your mailbox; however, you will still be able to receive email. Should the mailbox continue to grow, email will no longer be received until the mailbox size is reduced.

The maximum message size for a single email is 100MB, including attachments.  For large attachments, UWA has implemented AARNet's Cloudstor facility. This provides a secure way to share large files with anyone - both sending and receiving.

Support for staff using the system will be provided by IT Support staff. Self-help documents will also be available through the self-service Service Desk. Your department will arrange any training required

While the system is continuously monitored for availability, user support after-hours is currently not guaranteed.

Provision of this service is currently not charged back to departments. Charges may apply if you require storage above the 100GB limit.

Uni IT reserves the right to apply future charges for services provided to Category 2 staff that are deemed eligible to use the service, and for additional role- and function-based accounts.

Archiving of emails is currently not managed centrally. Staff wishing to archive will need to do so themselves. Contact your IT support staff for further assistance. If you choose to archive mail items, it will be your responsibility to ensure the archives are stored and protected. The principles of information retention and archiving as outlined in the University Policy on Records Management should always be adhered to.
Data stored in the ECS system is backed up daily and weekly, so it can be restored in the event of a system failure or severe data corruption. Daily backups are retained for up to 12 days and weekly backups for up to three months.

The backup procedures are designed to protect against system failure; they are not designed to recover email that has been deleted or removed from the system. While data recovery may be possible in the event that items are inadvertently deleted by the user, this is not guaranteed. If a user removes data by any means, IT staff may not be able to assist in data recovery from the backups.

Recovery and restoration

Should downtime occur with the ECS, the priority will be to (re)establish the sending and receiving of email first, and then deal with recovery of mailbox content (if required). Overall recovery procedures are expected to be able to be done within 48 hours or less.

Standard UWA security practices apply to the use and support of ECS.