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The web interface for Mailman mailing list administrators has many options that are configurable and fairly self-explanatory.

Most of the settings appropriate to your list will have been set when it was created.

If you want to make changes to your list's properties, read all the options below and proceed with extreme caution.


Administrators and moderators

An administrator is able to see and modify all configurable settings in the Mailman Web Interface, as well as being able to approve, reject or discard postings. Adminstrators also populate address books.

A moderator has access only to the message area, to approve, reject or discard postings. Note that the moderator is not even able to log out, so for security reasons it is recommended they close the web browser when they have finished working with the list.

Passwords for administrators

There can only be one administrator password. It may be appropriate to have one administrator and one moderator, with each position having its own password. However, if you set more than one Moderator,  they will need to share that password.

Making changes

The sections where you are most likely to make changes are:

General options
Modify descriptions and text included in standard messages. (Some of these are added to standard text which you cannot change).
Administrators may change their own password or reset those of additional moderators. (There is no facility for moderators to change their own passwords.) If an administrator password is forgotten or lost, contact the self-service Service Desk.
Membership management
Adding, deleting or changing options of subscribers.
Privacy options
Manipulating any restrictions on subscriptions, postings and information displayed about the list.
Subscription rules
Advertise this list - determines whether the list is included on the mailing list wep page, allowing anyone to attempt to subscribe.
Steps required for subscription - if "Confirm" is selected, the list should be advertised as in the item above.
Who can view - if the list is openly advertised and no approval is required for subscription, do be aware that setting "List members" then becomes equivalent to "Anyone"
Sender filters
Should new list member postings be moderated - setting "Yes" means you wish to approve all postings. If you want all subscribers to be able to post freely, set this as "No".
Lists for exceptions are self-explanatory. Note that it is probably a waste of time trying to prevent spam by entering the "From" addresses in the "automatically discard" box - spammers keep changing the address they send from.
Recipient filters
Items here should generally not be changed by administrators.