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Spam is unwanted junk mail that arrives in your inbox.

There is a way of decreasing the amount of spam you receive - just delete it.

Do not reply to the message, not even to ask to be taken off their list, as this tells them you are a real address they then sell your email address to other spammers.

UWA uses a commercial anti-spam filtering tool that automatically identifies email that is likely to be spam as it comes into the campus.

As it is possible for a message to be incorrectly recognised as spam (false positives), email will only be tagged [Spam] and not deleted from the central server.

Anti-spam help

To investigate and block suspected spam, IS will occasionally ask that you forward the suspect email "with full headers". For information on forwarding an email with full headers, see Sending email messages with full headers. Alternatively, rather than forwarding the email, you could send it as an attachment.