CloudStor is a service provided by AARNet that provides a secure way to share large files with anyone.

It allows you to log in to upload your files or invite people to send you a file.


Start by going to CloudStor.

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Once you're ready, click 'Login' to begin.

The first time you click Login, you'll be prompted to select your Identity Provider. In this case, choose the University of Western Australia from the drop down list. You may have other identity providers, but we'll be assuming that you are using your UWA Identity to access cloudstor.

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Once you've selected The University of Western Australia from the drop-down list, click 'remember my choice' and then Select.

You'll be redirected to a UWA login page, like the one below.

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Enter your UWA Person ID and Pheme Password. Ensure that the 'reset my attribute release approvals' checkbox is left unticked at this stage.

Click 'Log In'. You'll be presented with the Attribute release approval page.

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The Attribute release approval is asking you to confirm that you're comfortable with exposing the information shown (in this case, your name and UWA email address) to the organisation providing the service you're trying to use (in this case, AARNet.)

If you press 'Cancel' at this stage you won't be able to use Cloudstor. If you're comfortable with AARnet having this information, click 'Confirm'.

You will be presented with the main CloudStor interface, which allows you to send large files to others.

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Simply enter the email address of the person you want to send the file to, select the file you want, and choose an expiry date for the file. Once that date passes, the person you are sending the file to will no longer be able to download it - so choose an appropriate end date.

The recipient will receive an email containing a link they can visit to download the file.

You may also wish for people to be able to send you large files. You can send people a 'voucher' which enables them to upload a file to CloudStor and make that available to you to download.

Much like sending a file, you enter an email address and an expiry.

The Voucher page will list all your open vouchers.

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Finally, My Files allows you to see all the files you have uploaded, who you have shared them with, and when they will expire.

If you have problems with the CloudStor service, email [email protected] so that your feedback may be passed onto AARNet.

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