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Mobile Device Support Matrix

It is important that when choosing a mobile or tablet device for use at the University of WA, you take into consideration which University IT Services you wish to access while on campus and off, and whether or not the device in question supports those services. The table below provides basic information on the most common types of mobile devices, and how our core UWA services integrate with them. While support for these devices themselves is best effort, the below matrix will allow staff to determine which devices support their specific requirements and purchase accordingly:

Platform E-mail and Calendaring Service Role-based mailboxes Unifi Uniconnect VPN Sophos Anti-Virus MS Office MS SharePoint UniDrive Citrix
Apple iPhone, ipad - iOS5 and above × ×
Google Android 4.0 and above × ×
Windows 8 RT × ×
Windows 8 Pro
Windows Phone 7/8 × × × × ×


● - The device supports this service out of the box. IS can assist in configuration and guarantee availability as part of our ongoing support for those services.

○ - Access to this service can be achieved via the installation or purchase of an application, however IS cannot assist with either the installation or configuration.

◊ - Access to this service is partly supported by the device, but there are elements of the service's functionality that will not be available.

× - Access is not supported by the device, and is either totally unavailable or involves a workaround that is either very difficult or time consuming to apply.

The IS Service Desk, or your Local IT Service Desk will assist in the configuration and troubleshooting of issues relating to services marked as Natively supported. Any assistance relating to services that require a 3rd party application, or partially supported services will be provided on a best-effort basis. Support for Windows 8 for staff as a general desktop computing platform is presently provided on a best-effort basis, and the support for many web-based services at the University remains unverified. For mobile devices which are not listed, best effort support will be provided to assist with connection to the Staff Email and Calendaring Service and Unifi only.

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