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It is essential that your work-related files are stored properly so that other people who need access to them can do so.

Using the P: drive

Your P: drive is where you store your work-related files and share files with other users in your department. You can find it by double-clicking on the My Computer icon on your desktop.

Each department has a separately assigned network storage area (P: drive). We recommend that you store your personal information on your hard disk drive (C: drive) and then back it up yourself if required.

Every department's P: drive is backed up every night, allowing recovery of files if they are accidentally changed or deleted. This backup is only done on the network drives, however, and not on your local machine's C: drive.

Any files lost on the C: drives are unrecoverable, so it is the user's responsibility to ensure any important or work-related files are stored on the P: drive.

Recovering files

If you have accidentally deleted/changed files on your P: drive, it may be possible to restore them, as the network drives are backed up daily.

Contact the self-service Service Desk for a file restore. You should provide the full location of the file; for example, "P:\staff\username\document.doc".

However, if the files were accidentally deleted from your machine's local C: drive,that is files on your Desktop, then we will not be able to recover them, as the local hard drive(s) on your PC are not backed up.

If this is the case, the only thing that can be done is to check the recycle bin (which is located on your desktop); if the file is not in there, then it is unrecoverable. It is the user's responsibility to ensure all important or work-related documents are stored on the P: drive to prevent this from happening.