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Only smartphones and approved portable devices purchased by Central Administration staff through IS are supported.

All devices costs are charged to relevant department.

The approved devices function as phones, while also enabling staff to access their email, Outlook calendars and limited access to the internet from both on and off campus.

  1. Choosing a device
  2. Using your device
  3. International roaming
  4. Smartphone support

Choosing a portable device

Approved devices

Please contact the Service Desk on 6488 1234, or email [email protected], for more information about approved smartphone devices.


Device cost will vary (prices should be confirmed at the time of purchase) and the data plan will vary depending on your use of the device.

You should check with your service provider what their data charge rates are (University supplied devices should contact the self-service Service Desk). Phone calls are charged as per your normal mobile phones rates.

Ordering a smartphone

When you have received your business manager’s approval, contact the self-service Service Desk.

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Using your device

All the devices come with their own instruction manual. Below is a general guide to using your smartphone. For advanced or model specific instructions, check your manual.

Checking your email and calendar

All the devices should have a Mail/Outlook icon, which allows you to read and send emails and check your calendar (including accepting meeting invitations).

Viewing attachments

Some attachments (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) attachments may be able to be opened on the device. However, it should be remembered that these can be large files and the cost of transferring them may be expensive. Other attachments may not be viewable on your device.

Web browsing

The majority of devices will have an browser icon that allows you to visit websites. Web pages not optimised for portable devices may display oddly, and surfing the web can quickly become expensive.


The devices function much like any other mobile phone. For specific instruction on making and receiving calls, and for information on more advanced features such as voice dialling, see the manual that comes with your device.

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International roaming

While IS-supported devices do allow for international roaming, care must be taken when utilising the service as it can quickly become very expensive.

The cost per megabyte downloaded is roughly $15, for example:
  • downloading a 400-page eBook would cost around $15
  • watching a 3-minute YouTube clip could cost $30
  • downloading an email with a large graphic attachment could cost you $75
  • a 1-hour Skype video call could cost you over $1000


With the above charges in mind, Information Services have compiled a list of advice and possible solutions to keep you connected without excessive charges.

  • Use Wi-Fi only - where possible only browse or download when using a free Wi-Fi connection.
  • Take advantage of EduRoam when visiting overseas campuses - www.eduroam.org provides a list of participating universities and institutions.
  • Turn International Roaming "Off" - To turn data roaming on/off, tap on Settings > General > Network > Data Roaming.
  • Turn data setting "Off" - This restricts all data to use Wi-Fi only. To toggle this option, tap on Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data.
  • Change your email setting from "Push" to "Fetch" - this will give you control to synchronise your email when you have a Wi-Fi connection
  • Establish a suitable data package before you leave - contact Information Services before travelling to ensure your 3G data package will meet your needs while overseas.
  • Consider a local SIM card or MiFi device - this will allow you to access data at local country rates. Information Services can provide advice on options and setting up a new SIM card on your mobile device when abroad.

Contact Information Services either by email to [email protected], the self-service web page, or phone 6488 1234 for assistance in ensuring the correct plan is in place before you leave.

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Smartphone support

IS will provide support for the recommended devices during normal support hours. As with all other central IT equipment, these devices should be purchased through IS and funded by the relevant business unit.

IS will pre-configure the device ready for use. For further information on the smartphone service, contact the self-service Service Desk.

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