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The Software Coordination section of Information Services facilitates and manages the acquisition, support and distribution of software for use on University-owned desktop and server equipment.

Strong vendor relationships enable IS to negotiate with selected vendors to obtain best-value agreements and purchases for desktop and server software.

Key features

The purchases and licences for software applications used across the University can be managed centrally in one location.
Site licences
Looking after software agreements that have been negotiated for all UWA-owned computers.
Volume licences
Looking after software agreements negotiated for a particular number of licences for a software package to be used on UWA-owned computers.

Getting started


The desktop environment section provides information on the equipment managed by IS. For software and licensing information check the Software website.

If you have problems or queries, log a service request with the self-service Service Desk or by sending an email or by calling (+61 8) 6488 1234.