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The Application Systems team works with a number of in-house developed applications as well as third-party applications that have been purchased by the University.

We provide the University community with the system implementation and support services required for the selection, development, installation and management of practical and innovative IT solutions that enable the achievement of the University's objectives.

  1. Role
  2. Applications solutions
  3. Database administration
  4. Web applications hosting


Our role is to:

  • provide specialist and innovative advice, guidance and leadership in the realisation of required IT solutions
  • provide database management services and application development, support and management for selected university systems
  • achieve these objectives by adhering to the following principles:

    • listen to our clients to fully understand their business requirements and ensure that our understanding is correct
    • involve our clients in the testing process to help identify any potential problems prior to systems 'Going Live'
    • provide clients with quality documentation where required
    • develop software applications with a high level of quality assurance that meets or exceeds our clients expectations
    • ensure that all requests for assistance are dealt with in a timely professional manner.

Applications solutions

The Applications team can provide software development services in the following languages:

  • .NET
  • Java
  • Python 

The Applications team develops predominantly web-based solutions aimed at improving productivity of the University's staff and students. The team focuses on:

  • development of web applications for new business process
  • creation of new online systems
  • utilising Open Standard Web Services for interfacing with existing university systems
  • providing the ability of inter-university systems to communicate.

The Applications team can also provide:

  • reviewing, analysing and proposing system solutions to business problems
  • free, detailed quotes for new development work.

Database administration

The Database Administration (DBA) team deals with the databases associated with a number of the University's core computing systems.

The team has experience in Oracle and SQL server-based systems.

Information Services can provide database hosting in either of these environments for University-hosted systems, whether they be developed locally or off-the-shelf solutions.

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Web application hosting

Information Services offers web application hosting on IS infrastructure. Charges for web application hosting depend on the amount of disk space required for the application and possible associated database. These charges are low when compared with commercial hosting arrangements.

IS can host web applications for the following languages:

  • ASP .NET
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Python.

Web application hosting is covered by Service Level Agreements. Contact the self-service Service Desk for more information.

Hosting of static websites should be discussed with the University Website Office.

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