UniDrive Client for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

UniDrive Client is an app for Windows that provides Staff and Students with easy access to UniDrive via Windows Explorer on UWA-managed laptops, as well as personal laptop and desktop computers, on and off campus.

UniDrive Client is intended for use on computers that do not have direct access to UniDrive. UniDrive Client is not for use on UWA Library, Lab and Staff Desktop PCs.

Connecting to UniDrive Client On a UWA-Managed Laptop

Step 1: If your laptop was purchased and provided by UWA, UniDrive Client may already be installed. Check the Desktop for the Webdrive icon:

If you do not see this icon on the Desktop, you will need to contact the Service Desk to arrange this. Note: If you do not have local administration rights on your laptop, you will need to be connected to the UWA wired network on campus in order for the Service Desk to install the UniDrive Client. If you do have local admin rights, proceed to the instructions on Installing UniDrive Client on your personal device.

Step 2: To establish your connection to UniDrive, double click the UniDrive Client icon. You should see the UniDrive Client window:

Step 3: Right click on the Unidrive entry and select Connect from the Dropdown Menu:

Step 4: The UniDrive Client Client will request your username and password. Enter your UWA Login (Your staff or student number and Pheme password):

Step 5: The Unidrive client will let you know when it is connected:

Step 6: In order to test your connection to UniDrive, open Explorer (Windows Key+E) and look for unidrive.uwa.edu.au (\\WebDrive) (U:) under Computer:

If you are a staff member, you should see the following folders:

  • data (S: Drive)
  • userhome (H: Drive), and
  • irds (Institutional Research Data Store)

If you are a student, you will see:

  • data (T: Drive)
  • userhome (H: Drive), and
  • irds (Institutional Research Data Store

  • Connecting to UniDrive Client On a Personal or Non-UWA Laptop, Windows Tablet or Desktop

    Step 1: go to the UWA Software Download Page

    Step 2: Click Staff and Students

    Step 3: Enter your UWA Login (Your staff or student number and Pheme password)

    Step 4: Select UWA Web Drive from the software list, accept the terms of use and download the software

    Step 5: Once the installer has downloaded, double Click the icon to begin installation:

    Step 6: When prompted to install UWA Web Drive, Click Yes

    At this point Windows User Access Control may request your permission to install the application. Click yes again to continue

    Step 7: A popup window will inform you once the installation is complete

    You may now follow the instructions above to Connect to UniDrive Client