Step one

Right click"My Computer" and select"Map Network Drive…"

Step 1 - UniDrive on Win XP Guide

Step two

In Map Network Drive click"Sign up for online storage or connect to a network server".

Step 2 - UniDrive on Win XP Guide

Step three

Click "Next" and then select "Choose another network location". Click "Next" again.

Step 3 - UniDrive on Win XP Guide

Step four

In the ‘Folder’ field, enter the URL of the server you wish to connect to:


For all available Staff Folders, use:


Step 4


Click "Next".


Step five

Enter your credentials:

  • The User name is your Staff Number (eg. 12345678).
  • The Password is your Pheme password.

Step 5 - UniDrive on Win XP Guide

If you are using a personal computer, make sure ‘Remember my password’ is ticked.


NOTE: This means that you (or anyone else using this device) will be able to access the contents of this folder without entering a password!


Click "OK".


Step six

Name the network place "UniDrive".

Step 6

Click "Next".


Step seven

Step 7 - UniDrive on Win XP Guide

Click "Finish".



The Network Folder will now launch.

Step 8

You can navigate to the Network Folder by going to "My Network Places" which is located on the Desktop.

Step 9 - UniDrive on Win XP Guide