UniShare is a document management and collaborative file sharing system

Supporting the pillars of:
Teaching and Learning Research Community


Also Known As: SharePoint

UniShare provides UWA Staff with a method of sharing and accessing shared documents easily. UniShare is accessible from a selection of platforms and devices anywhere that an Internet connection is available. By appointing local business representatives as site owners and administrators, business units retain full control over who does and does not have access to their site, as well as all content therein.

Features and Benefits


UniShare provides staff with a secure and feature-rich document management solution with versatile sharing capabilities. With the option to "check out" documents, they may be edited online by individuals. Version control ensures that previous versions of any document are available.

Key Features

  • Security - UniShare is accessible only via a valid UWA Staff login, preventing unauthorised access
  • Local Ownership - UniShare sites are managed by local site owners, rather than relying on Business Information & Technology Services (BI&TS) to manage permissions, membership and site design
  • Version Control - When enabled, if a document is updated or overwritten, the older version is retained and may be accessed at a later date
  • Backup and Restore - All UniShare document libraries are backed up regularly in case of accidental deletion
  • Live Edit - Edit or add comments to documents within the UniShare environment by checking them out, rather than downloading, editing and re-uploading them
  • Accessibility - UniShare can be accessed anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day
  • Collaboration - Hold paperless meetings or send documents for review without tracking multiple copies via email - just include the UniShare link to your document
  • Integration - UniShare integrates with Internet Explorer 8/9 and Microsoft Office 2010
  • Time Management - Assign tasks to individuals and track their progress, manage events, and record meeting agendas

Availability and Support

Available to:

UWA Staff

Support Unit:

Local IT support groups are the first point of contact for this service.

How do I get it:

To have a new UniShare site created, please speak to your local IT support group.

To arrange access to an existing site, please speak to your local manager.

Support Hours:

Standard University business hours; Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm

Available from:

On and off campus


There is no charge for this service offering.


UniShare is accessible to staff with an active UWA Login. Access must be provided by the site owner.

For full functionality, you will require Office 2010 (32 bit), along with Internet Explorer 8 or 9 (32 bit).

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Service Hours

This service is available 24 by 7

All scheduled maintenance and outage windows will be advised ahead of time

How do I get it?

To have a new UniShare site created, please speak to your local IT support group.

To arrange access to an existing site, please speak to your local manager.

Related Information


Individual staff members will:

  • Manage UniShare resources as delegated by Business Area Management
  • Submit requests for access to appointed site administrators in the local area
  • Take responsibility for the design, access and content on UniShare sites they administer

Business Area Management will:

  • Delegate access to site owners and admins from the local area
  • Provide IS with detailed business requirements when requesting a new UniShare Site
  • Ensure that document management practices are in accordance with relevant UWA Records Management policies

Local IT Support Groups Will:

  • Retain responsibility for first line of support for desktop and UniShare access issues for supported users

Business Information & Technology Services will:

  • Maintain responsibility for the underlying infrastructure
  • Maintain the UniShare instance and ensure continuing availability
  • Create new site collections and appoint site owner access to local business representatives
  • Troubleshoot incidents relating to authentication or desktop access issues for supported staff

Self Help