What is the End User Compute Programme?

Through the End User Computer (EUC) programme all purchases of new IT equipment must be approved by your IT Service Delivery team and made through approved suppliers. The programme, which was implemented at the beginning of 2018, to ensure all IT purchases are a strategic response to what IT equipment staff need to do their jobs. In the past these decisions have been ad-hoc and do not allow the University to manage the lifecycle of IT hardware meaning it cannot effectively manage when computers and devices need replacing.

The programme ensures:

  • Every staff member has a fit for purpose computer/device
  • Effective and efficient support can be provided across all hardware
  • Decreased risk of cyber security breaches, loss of critical data and staff downtime due to malfunctioning hardware

As part of this, a Computer Provisioning Scheme is also being rolled out to proactively replace aging and unstable IT hardware meaning all UWA staff and HDR students have access to a high performing computer or device. These replacements are at no cost to the faculty or portfolio where the staff member or student is from. What does this mean for me?

If you want to purchase a new piece of IT equipment this request must be discussed with your IT Service Delivery team and they must approve the purchase.

If you believe you need a computer or device to perform your role which isn’t included in the standard device specification, you should discuss this with your IT SDC team. Full FAQs can be found here.

UWA-EUC-RequestForm [PDF, 1.8 MB]
Updated 30 Jan 2020

For any further questions, please contact your local Service Delivery Centre IT Team or IT Service Delivery Manager.