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Local IT support

Staff and students can access UWA's networks, systems and research resources with IT Support Staff ready to help at any stage. There is also a site search facility to pinpoint pages of IT help.


Business Information & Technology Services provides full IT support – including desktop, peripheral and network support – to most of UWA's central admin sections and some defined areas in the faculties.

You can confirm your PC is managed by IS by looking for a label bearing the letters ACSxxx, ADMxxx or ITSxxxxx on your computer (x denotes the number) It will be in a highly visible position, usually on the front or top of the computer box.

If you have any problems with the performance of any of this equipment, contact Business Information & Technology Services via the self-service Service Desk.

If your PC is not managed by Business Information & Technology Services contact your local IT Support Staff.

Services for staff


UWA offers a range of online and person-to-person help so students can make the most of their email and network access and technical support.

UWA gets students off on the right foot by giving them access to a comprehensive student communications and collaboration suite.

Students also get internet and network access, including wireless access from a number of locations on campus. We provide easy-to-follow instructions to help you to configure laptops and other devices.

Computers, printing and scanning facilities are available at our libraries. On these pages you’ll also find information of printing quotas, and policies on the use of computers.

Services for students

IT Support Staff

Information about the University’s computing environment and services provided by BI&TS which may be of assistance to UWA staff who provide local technical IT support for their faculty, school or department.

We provide a wide range of services - here is a selection of the most popular: