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Fixed line phones

UWA operates a private branch exchange (PABX) at the Crawley, Nedlands, Claremont and Shenton Park campuses. The UWA indial number range is:

  • 6488 1000 to 9999

A range of digital and industry standard analog handsets are available and the system may be configured to provide a variety of services to each handset including password control of access and use of account codes.

Some tips on how to make the most of your telephone: 


A basic voicemail service is provided free with all UWA extensions. Voicemail allows a caller to record a message if the call is not answered. All staff are encouraged to activate their voice mailbox and record a personal greeting.

Users can also customise their voice mailbox to use other features.

Some tips on how to make the most of voicemail: 

Mobile phones

The University has agreements with a mobile phone service supplier to provide staff who require a mobile phone for their work.

Under the arrangement, University mobile users can choose the appropriate mobile phone plan and carrier according to their business needs.


If you're having issues with the telephony service, please get in touch with our helpful support areas: