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Telephone costs and charges

Information Services provides telephone and voicemail systems throughout the Crawley, Nedlands, Claremont and Shenton Park campuses.

  1. Fixed line phones
  2. Mobile phones
  3. Off-campus sites

Fixed line phones

UWA telephone exchange

UWA operates a private branch exchange (PABX) at the Crawley, Nedlands, Claremont and Shenton Park campuses. The UWA indial number range is:

  • 6488 1000 to 9999

A range of digital and industry standard analog handsets are available and the system may be configured to provide a variety of services to each handset including password control of access and use of account codes.

UWA uses Telstra, AAPT and a private network to place calls outside the campus. The carrier to be used is selected by the PABX and cannot be controlled by the caller. Calls are charged to departments at a rate based on Telstra standard charge with some discounts on long-distance calls. Internal calls are not charged.


A basic voicemail service is provided free with all UWA extensions. Voicemail allows a caller to record a message if the call is not answered. All staff are encouraged to activate their voice mailbox and record a personal greeting.

Staff can also customise their voice mailbox to use other features.


There are two basic types of telephone connections to the telephone exchange:
  • industry standard analogue service as normally provided to homes and businesses
  • Ericsson proprietary digital connections.

If you use faxes, modems, and telephone units such as remote handsets and answering machines purchased from retail outlets, you will need an analog connection. To access all the features available on the Ericsson PABX an Ericsson digital connection and handset is required.

Departments are responsible for handset and connection costs. Details of handsets and associated costs are available.

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Mobile phones


The University has agreements with two mobile phone service suppliers to provide choice for staff who require a mobile phone for their work:

  • *Telstra provides the most comprehensive coverage for regional, rural and international mobile users.

Under this arrangement, University mobile users can choose the appropriate mobile phone plan and carrier according to their business needs.


There are two parts to procuring a mobile phone:

  • purchasing a handset
  • arranging an appropriate plan.

Handsets ? staff can arrange mobile phone equipment through the normal purchase channels in their department. Note that handsets purchased from carrier dealers will be locked to that carrier?s network and a fee will be charged by the carrier to unlock the handset to use on other networks.

Plans ? once the handset has been purchased, the staff member should, through the self-service Service Desk, put in a request to Information Services for the most appropriate plan from the three listed above. Information Services can provide further advice and assistance in selecting a plan.

In the request to IS, the following information should be provided:

  • The SIM code, if the handset comes with a SIM card or a microSIM. if a SIM card has not been provided, Information Services can provide one but the Service Desk request will need to specify the type, such as SIM, MicroSIM.
  • If the handset is a smartphone, the data plan required, for example 1Gb. (Data will be barred unless a data plan is requested).
  • Special requirements, for example, international roaming.
  • The name and staff number of the staff member who will be responsible for use of the phone or, for specific service phones, the service name, for example On Call 1.
  • The billing address to which invoices should be sent, including mailbag delivery point and responsible person.
  • The account number if it is to be attached to an existing account with that supplier.

Departments/users will receive and pay their individual bills as normal.

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Off-campus sites

If you have sites away from the main campus, you can arrange fixed-line services using the UWA negotiated rates. This must be organised through Information Services, not directly with the telecoms carrier. 

Contact IT through the self-service Service Desk or by emailing or phoning (+61 8) 6488 1234.

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